This Week’s Best Recap Comments

From the possible beginning of the end of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce on Mad Men to talk of chaffing in Bored to Death, you had a lot to say in the comments this week. We picked out our favorites and highlighted them below; see if you made it. If not, there’s always next week!


“I think the love reference for Rachel was her love of the Stage and the spotlight.. not so much herself. The way she was caressing the seats and walks through the auditorium.. It actually made me a bit sad for her… this is what she is. If someone else came in and became the front runner… what else would she be? I thought that was also why she kept using lines like “loss of solo parts / dancing moments for you!” in reference to her team members. For her… nothing could be worse than that.” —Aaisha

“high schoolers always get prettier over the summer. i remember making a huge deal of showing up the first few weeks of school with a new hair cut, new clothes, a bitchin tan. then after homecoming i stopped caring and would come to school with my hair still wet from the shower and wearing running pants.” —chuckbassismybabydaddy

Gossip Girl:

“When Serena childishly confronts Juliet in the street, she’s dressed like a 1st grader, and when Blair bests Juliet she’s in head-to-toe sequins, having regained bother her mojo AND her sparkly. Is Eric Daman tip-toeing toward Janie Byrant’s school of costuming? Plus 10” —HookedOnBass

“Did Dan have a painting of Russell Brand in the loft? Or was that Rufus in his heyday? If the latter, Plus 10” —twistofmusic

Mad Men:

“Miss Blankenship is dead only one week and SCDP completely falls apart.” —JOE_BIRDBATH

“We keep waiting for the fall of Rome, and it never actually happens. They’re all always on the brink and then the show pulls them back. I’d be really interested to see some of the major characters actually lose big in some way.” —jcb28

“The episode would’ve been better if Peggy had been worked into the mix. Pete’s so sanctimonious about having to clean up the lies of others. Ummm, Pete remember that whole thing about Peggy having your baby?! He’s such a (wonderful) snot-nosed creep, which is why, for the life of me, I don’t understand fans who want to see Peggy rekindle a relationship with that guy. Uck.” —linguafranca

30 Rock:

“Yes, “Okay, season five, here we go” is meta, without a doubt, but at least this show can point to TGS as the justification for some of its self-referencing. Not all of it, of course: naming the date on which Matt Damon will return is pure, unadulterated meta. But I’d have to say that the distinction of being “television’s most meta sitcom” actually goes to “Community,” which not only makes meta jokes more often, it has no TGS-like excuse for making them.” —mfernandi

Boardwalk Empire:

“Michael Shannon is fantastic. And this episode was way better than the pilot. Also, anyone ever have their semi-topless mom jump into their arms and lock legs around your waist? Me neither…” —77BC


“I was disappointed that Abed, not being in on Winger’s ruse, wasn’t able to call the obvious influence of the “Friends” episode where Phoebe knows that Monica and Chandler are a thing, but she doesn’t know that *they* know that she knows. You know?” —terrible

Jersey Shore:

“Did anyone else find it hilarious that Situation referred to a girl having her period as having ‘a situation’? Bwahahahaha!” —bachandr

“Who uses pads past the age of 14 and before the age of 60?” —Looyah

The Office:

“I thought most of the episode was worthy of season two, though the spanking bit was a little wacky. Otherwise, it was nice to get a fairly realistic, character-driven plot in regards to Michael hiring a terrible assistant that rubs everyone the wrong way.” —viewdrix


“I had been trying to hold on to this show, but what really put me over the edge is when Kale used the vulcan death grip on Maggie’s ex-husband. Seriously? I would have had a better laugh if he just karate chopped him in the neck and yelled ‘HIYA!’” —ihearttomjones


“I knew it was going to hurt to watch that episode, and it did. The irony of wearing a Mickey Mouse cap while having to tell those kids that their mother was killed was horrible. I was actually pacing in front of the TV for much of this part. And I thought Dexter killing that guy in the bathroom was not a Dexter-like thing to do. It was so unplanned, so spontaneous, and so against the code. I still want to know how he covered that up.” —nelsphighberg

Eastbound and Down:

“What I learned from this episode: When you think you hit rock bottom you can always go lower, but there is a silver lining… cockfighting and coke!” —Amber_Sky

Project Runway:

“the best moment of the show was Heidi dictating that you should either show legs or show boobs, but not in the same outfit! SERIOUSLY, HEIDI? this coming from you, you who has never said no to a strapless Gyno-Mini Marchesa moment?” —monsieurbjones

“Christopher’s “high fashion” dress looked like he re-worked Bjork’s swan dress.I was really hoping Valerie would be auf’d this week. I have to turn down the sound every time she appears to avoid her Valley Girl question marks at the end of everything she says - it’s like nails on a chalkboard.” —aasny

How I Met Your Mother:

“After Barney’s comment last week about how much he’d talk to his dad if he could (like Marshall), I wanted more from this episode. I don’t need Barney to meet his dad yet, but I think it’s going to be important for him eventually - perhaps before the wedding that’s clearly his that was in the episode last week?” —dface


This Week’s Best Recap Comments