Todd Philips Is Taking a ‘Renegade Approach’ to His John Belushi Biopic

Last month, word came out that Todd Philips, director of Old School, The Hangover and the upcoming Due Date, had started work on a biopic based on the life of John Belushi (Lars Von Trier is working on the Jim Belushi biopic, coincidentally). Philips recently talked to MTV about where he’s at in the process and what his goals are with it:

“Our goal is not to do a traditional biopic approach with it that people expect, whether you’re talking about ‘Walk the Line’ or ‘Ray.’ All good movies, but our goal is not to make that typical biopic. We want to make a movie that, if John Belushi saw it, he would be happy that it captured his spirit. Sometimes I feel that they don’t entirely capture the spirit of the person they’re about. Our goal is to capture the spirit of Belushi, not necessarily make a straight-ahead biopic.”

Steve Conrad, who wrote The Pursuit of Happyness, is currently working on a script. This one is going to hinge on the casting, no? My vote is for Jeremy Piven!!!! [via]

Todd Philips Is Taking a ‘Renegade Approach’ to His […]