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What Dance Moves Will Best Accentuate The Situation’s Situation?

The competition on Dancing With the Stars should be stiff this season, which means Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, whose best dance move is the fist pump, might be out of his element. But maybe not! If he can just emphasize his strengths strength — his abdomen — he might have a chance. To find out which dance moves do that sort of thing, we interviewed dance instructor Igor Miller, of Arthur Murray dance studios (and former dance partner of Karina Smirnoff, The Situation’s current partner on the show). Mike, are you reading this?

What kind of dances can The Situation do to showcase his abdomen and physique?
He has good looks and great rhythm, so salsa, mambo, meringue — all those dances will be great.

You think he’s good-looking?
Yes, definitely. He’s sharp and a lot of women have hots for him. That’s the thing with this guy.

So he should play up his looks — maybe wear a more revealing shirt?
Yes, because what happens is he’s weak in his technique — he didn’t do well in the first episode because he was very down, he was sloppy with his feet. His body was not so coordinated. So probably he should be more sexually open to women’s sensual side. Sensuality. He has to play up himself more, because as a ballroom dancer he’s not that good and he probably won’t improve that much. He needs to play up his physique more to the public.

So, salsa, mambo, meringue.
I didn’t see him do the standard smooth dances yet — waltzes — but yes, definitely something where you move more and hit the lines more and make stronger impact on the main beats.

What about lifts? Would those show off his muscles?
What I feel about it is he might be strong, he might look strong, but he needs to know more about dancing, and what type of skill to do the lifts. It’s not such a good idea to do lifts.

Do you think he can win?
Yes, definitely. I think he has all the possibilities as long as he’s going to work hard and improve himself. He has a great partner in Karina. She’s the best partner this season. I think she’s a terrific person who can really teach anybody to move in perfectly the correct setting, the correct way. One-hundred percent, he has all the potential to get to the full extent as long as he works hard. He’s very emotional, the way he dances, very devoted, but he needs to put more attention on his footwork, because right now he lacks talent. If he improves the element of dance that is essential — ankle, knees, and hips, to coordinate those three things, ankles, knees, and hips — then he will be much better.

What Dance Moves Will Best Accentuate The Situation’s Situation?