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Actors These Days Are Always Mumbling Around Ernest Borgnine

“But a lot of people forget that today. And most of them now today, they come to the point where you walk on a set and the first thing you know you’re looking at the sound man and you’re saying to yourself, “How the hell can they get any sound when nobody is talking!” They get all mumbly, you know? [Mumbles.] You can’t make out what they’re saying! And you’re 6 feet away from them!” &mdashErnest Borgnine on one of the things he doesn’t like about modern movies [AV Club]

“Unless you like alligators in the morning waiting to eat you if you slip offboard, I don’t think so.” —Hatchet II’s Tony Todd on the pitfalls of filming scenes in a Louisiana swamp [AV Club]

“I feel like I’m creating this hopefully very youthful and irreverent movement of the kids, of, like, adolescence. I feel like the parents don’t get it, but the kids get it. And they deserve to have more good, positive music … It’s fun as shit!” —Ke$ha [MTV]

“It does not look like DJ-ing at all. I’m actually pretty bad at this game. DJ Hero is more about the fantasy of seeing what it feels like to play records, but it’s not the real deal at all.” —A-Trak on DJ Hero 2, the D.J. video game that he contributed songs to [Speakeasy/WSJ]

“But y’know, I just wanted to do this just to prove that I got skills on, on, on the rap game, so yeah, what up …” —Justin Bieber on why he created his rap alter ego, Shawty Mane [Ministry of Gossip/LAT]

“Someone sent me the script when they were first making it and I didn’t want to read it. I thought ok, she’s working for some government organization, and she’s obviously going to be doing some action. It’s just not in my mind. It’s been eight years since I did that show.” —Peta Wilson, star of the original La Femme Nikita television series, on Nikita [Speakeasy/WSJ]

Actors These Days Are Always Mumbling Around Ernest Borgnine