Adam Sandler Follows In Eddie Murphy’s Questionable Footsteps

Here’s a picture of Adam Sandler on the set of his new film Jack and Jill. In it, he plays both Jack and Jill, a pair of fraternal twins. As many people have noted, this looks a whole lot like one of those fake movies that Sandler’s character did in Funny People, but I guess that’s just truth in comedy right there. Here’s Sandler’s synopsis of the movie:

In Jack and Jill I play me, I play my twin sister. The man version of me is doing okay, he has a family out in L.A.; the twin-sister-version of me lives out in the Bronx and comes out to L.A. for Thanksgiving and then refuses to leave and is spoiling the man version of [me’s] family life a little bit.

On the one hand, this sounds terrible. On the other hand, apparently Robert Smigel had a hand in writing it, and I’m not going to count out something co-written by the creator of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog and the Ambiguously Gay Duo.

Adam Sandler Follows In Eddie Murphy’s Questionable […]