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The Fifteen Best Back to the Future Props Being Sold at Auction

Man, how great has this Back to the Future 25th-anniversary promotional push been? We’re getting theatrical rereleases, general-experience-enhancing Blu-ray DVDs, Michael J. Fox re-creating trailers, and even secret Eric Stoltz–as–Marty McFly footage. But that’s not all! Now up for auction via (the same folks who brought us the Lost auction) are all kinds of awesome props from the Back to the Future trilogy. Check out our fifteen favorites right here. Truly, we have never wanted to be an eccentric, financially irresponsible millionaire more than we do right now.

Ask yourself: Is it worth $600 to be able to pull this out of your wallet whenever you please?
From the auction description: “The magazine has actual 1950s nude photo pages, repeated several times.” Also: “Ooh la la? Ooh la la!
This is, sadly, just a really accurate reproduction.
It’s almost 2015: Where are our hoverboard-centric newspaper headlines?
Notice the crack. Was this the one actually used to knock the gun out of Biff’s hand in BTTFIII?
Start your own corrupt casino empire!
Free the Doc!
That’s much better.
Bad alternate-future times right here.
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The Fifteen Best Back to the Future Props Being Sold at Auction