Dane Cook on Aziz Ansari’s Randy Character, Who May or May Not Be Based On Him

“I saw Funny People for the first time about two weeks ago on cable. I sat down and said, I’m going to finally figure out what this is all about. And you can always tell when someone is having a little bit of fun with you. But I watched it, and this actually reminded me more of some of the Def Jam guys. I’ve never had music. I’ve never had sound effects, and stuff like that, playing with a guy behind me. He did one little trick, it was like an old-school comic trick, and I’ve never used that. And I can say this because he’s doing a character. Plus, I’d heard him say at one point or another that it wasn’t based on me. I think people wanted it to be based on me because of the high-energy element, but once again, it’s like, if someone’s being high-energy and saying that’s a Dane Cook thing, I kind of look at that as that’s a compliment.”

Here’s an interesting quote from The Comic’s Comic’s interview with Dane Cook, specifically in light of the New Yorker profile on Aziz Ansari and his Randy character:

Dane Cook on Aziz Ansari’s Randy Character, Who May or […]