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Guillermo del Toro Will Bring Hellboy 3 to You

“What I promise is, if you corral me at any signing and you say, ‘Tell me the story of Hellboy 3!’ I’ll tell it to you in two minutes.” —Guillermo del Toro on his not likely to be made Hellboy sequel [Splash Page/MTV]

“[Lautner] will not wear a shirt. Yeah, he won’t wear a shirt through the whole thing.” —Stretch Armstrong writer Nick Stoller on his plans for the film’s star, Taylor Lautner [Splash Page/MTV]

“Shaving cream. I’ve had it where I’m in panties and a bra in the backroom with four cans of foam shaving cream, and I’m being covered head to toe in shaving cream by four makeup artists.” —Danielle Harris, star of Hatchet II, on the best way to remove blood [PopWrap/NYP]

“I feel totally normal on a set, probably because I’ve spent so much of my life on one. It’s when I go out into the real world that I don’t seem to know what to do.” —Katherine Heigl [NYT]

“I was offstage in the writer’s room when somebody came up to me and they said ‘William Shatner just did an impression of you, and I was like, ‘Oh my god, this is the greatest moment of my life.’ They were like, ‘I don’t think it was flattering, but it was a good impression.’ I don’t think you can do a flattering impression of me, but I was very pleased to hear that.” —Justin Halpern, creator of $#*! My Dad Says [Speakeasy/WSJ]

“I’m absolutely blown away by how many 15- and 16-year-olds are playing the banjo. When I was a kid, I wasn’t getting near a banjo! No chance!” —Scott Avett of the Avett Brothers [LAT]

Guillermo del Toro Will Bring Hellboy 3 to You