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Jason Schwartzman Prefers His Male Nudity Letterboxed

“Why is he in bed? Why is he naked except for a yarmulke and some socks? …You have to use your own imagination to fill in the blanks. With a lot of shows, they spell everything out for you …You know what’s really funny about that nude scene with Jonathan? Everybody talked about him being naked, but nobody mentioned that he was wearing socks and a yarmulke. That’s what was really interesting to me. Everyone sees the stuff in the middle, but I’m seeing the bookends.” —Jason Schwartzman on Jonathan Ames’s nude scene in Bored to Death [VF]

“It’s easy to lose touch with people when you’re not around them anymore. You become so secluded and isolated — and that’s just not something I’m interested in.” —Hilary Swank, star of Conviction, on celebrities avoiding public places [Elle]

“Rain in LA is actually tears of the angels watching NBC.” —Rainn Wilson, of The Office [Rainn Wilson/Twitter]

“Obviously, I’ve never done anything like that. But things like cutting the muscle were relatively easy compared to cutting the nerves — that felt like shoving your entire arm in molten lava, like your arm had been incinerated.” —James Franco on cutting off his prosthetic arm during the filming of 127 Hours [VF]

“He was like, ‘Wait until you see this kid. If you and Rob [Pattinson] had a kid, this would be it. I was like, ‘That’s so weird.’ She just looks like — she sort of looks like Bella. Which is absolutely right. Although the funny thing is, she has green eyes, and we both have to wear brown contacts together.” —Kristen Stewart, who has yet to meet her “daughter” in the next Twilight installment [MTV]

Jason Schwartzman Prefers His Male Nudity Letterboxed