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Josh Duhamel Would Rather Be Kissing Josh Kelley

“It’s just one of the perks of the job. Katherine [Heigl] was like, ‘You were making out with Katie Holmes in your last movie? Excuse me, I’m already jealous.’ Personally, I’m a big fan of Katherine’s husband, Josh Kelley, so kissing her in Life As We Know It was like indirectly getting to make out with him. —Josh Duhamel [Parade]

“As great an experience as it was, after playing Damian in “Mean Girls,” everybody on the street thinks I’m their best friend or screams “hey girl” at me without realizing I’m not Damian…You can’t get much different from a sweet 16-year-old gay best friend than a conniving backwoods rapist.” —Daniel Franzese, on going from Mean Girls to I Spit on Your Grave [NY Post]

“I feel awesome. I feel super awesome.” —Zach Snyder, on being named director of the Superman reboot [Hero Complex/LAT]

“It’s a big part of who Lennon is, so it was important to me to actually be able to play the guitar and sing. But the moment I finished that, I put the guitar down and haven’t picked it up in a while. I must look like Justin Timberlake right now.” —Aaron Johnson, star of Nowhere Boy [NY Post]

“I stayed in a hotel in East Berlin which had a shower in the middle of the room. It looked like a Star Trek teleport pod. I was there to do press and one of the reporters came with his young daughter…the fascination of seeing that thing there kept her really riveted throughout my boring answers to his questions.” —Ira Kaplan of Yo La Tengo [WSJ]

“I think children exist on a different spiritual vibration and I think they’re really keyed in on any bullshit barometer. So for them to put their arm around me and accept me was gratifying. As an actor, that’s what I hope and aspire to be — a 12-year-old.” —Elias Koteas, star of Let Me In, on his child costars [Popwrap]

Josh Duhamel Would Rather Be Kissing Josh Kelley