Just How Many Cross-Show References Happened Last Night?

Last night on Community, Britta and Annie got in a fight after spilling a can of oil on themselves. The logo on that can? Wilde Oil, the fictitious oil company owned by Will Arnett’s character in Running Wilde. Then, on 30 Rock, a prospective NBC Page sang that “Outsourced is the new Friends!” Later in the episode, Liz Lemon asked “Who’s that black kid on Community, Donelle Glover?,” a reference to former 30 Rock writer and current Community cast member Donald Glover.

Did I miss any more? As Twitter makes it easier for the people behind the scenes on these shows to get in touch with each other and give shout outs, it’s only natural that these shout outs move onto the shows themselves. They’re great, like little Easter Eggs for people who are really paying attention to pick up on. And it makes all of these shows feel like they’re part of one big community of funny, talented people, a mutual appreciation society.

Just How Many Cross-Show References Happened Last […]