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Mad Men: Our Best Reader Predictions for the Rest of the Season

Earlier this week, we made our own absurd, obsessive predictions for what might happen in the last three episodes of Mad Men, and we asked you, our equally obsessive readers, for your guesses. We’ve picked our favorites below, and, boy, if everyone’s right, Pete and Trudy are in for a world of hurt.

“The firm falls apart. Everyone gets soused … In season 5, the firm magically reforms with a new client but is called Sterling Draper Cosgrove. Sal returns to the art department.” —uby

” … [W]e’ll start to see Don’s life mimic Roger’s arc: he marries his secretary, starts to become insignificant.” —scriptgrrl

“Joan’s husband dies in ‘Nam, but in a very unheroic fashion. His shaky hands make a grenade explode in them or something. She confesses the true story of his death fail only to Don; the very mention of war prompts another acute anxiety attack. Our last image of them is Joan ordering the girls to fetch cool, wet towels while simultaneously loosening his tie and calling an ambulance. Next season opens with Joan pushing a stroller through Central Park … Cooper dies by his own sensitive, loopy hand, ready to join Ida Blankenship in the sweet hereafter.” —peachtree

“Agree [that the Campbells’ baby will be stillborn]. I think the ‘That happens to me all the time, it runs in my family’ re: Muhammad Ali’s elevated heart rate line may have been foreshadowing some kind of congenital defect.” —jensized

“It would be so like this show if Joan’s did-she-or-didn’t she abortion last week was simply never mentioned again … I think after losing Lucky Strike, SCDP’s bacon will be saved by a certain entertainment company in Florida. The critter in Don’s office who Don gave a name to, Lane’s toy for his son, the title of the finale episode.. they’re going to Disney, or it’s coming to them … Conrad Hilton may reappear. The poster for Season Four has the Waldorf-Astoria visible in the hazy distance, and you can see it often out the window of Don’s office. One episode was called ‘Waldorf Stories.’ And recalling how Don disliked Conrad’s idea last year for his ads- ‘No one wants to think of a mouse in a hotel’- there might be some tie-in with Disney.” —arundel

“I think Henry will leave Betty after Don is exposed. His political ambitions come first.” —catofthehat

“[Bert Cooper] will continue to be the cool head in partners’ meetings, silently mourn the passing of Ms. Blankenship and sit on the couch in the reception area. He’ll die off camera after SCDP folds and Roger will crack wise about him slightly resembling a short Colonel Sanders.” —kafkask

“All signs point to tragedy happening to pete and trudy especially after trudy said, ‘Everything’s good here.’ the context might be a stillborn baby, or truth about the pete and peggy relationship, or pete having some sort of breakdown after seeing the his baby born echoing peggy in the hospital after she gave birth.” —snackies

Mad Men: Our Best Reader Predictions for the Rest of the Season