Running Wilde Is Done For

Sad news: Running Wilde, which needed a bump in its ratings last night to stave off cancellation, lost 17% of its viewers compared to last week, dropping to about 3.5 million viewers.

The stars and creators of the show have been pushing hard on Twitter over the last week, making it clear that it’s do-or-die for the fledgling show. It’s already been preempted on October 26th for an extra episode of Raising Hope, so the chances of it surviving the month are pretty slim.

Worse? Mitch Hurwitz has said that Running Wilde doing well is what would make the much-hyped Arrested Development movie actually happen.

Here are some of the tweets from the guys behind the show showing just how on the brink they were. It’s definitely worse now:

Meanwhile, Mike and Molly and $#*! My Dad Says are absolutely killing it. We get the comedy we deserve, America.

Running Wilde Is Done For