Saturday Night Live Recap: Emma Stone’s Lindsay Lohan, Kenan Thompson’s Jimmy McMillan

Saturday Night Live

Emma Stone/Kings of Leon
Season 36 Episode 4

Emma Stone brought her deadpan delivery and incredibly almond-shaped eyes to Rockefeller Center last night, and she was, as usual, pretty delightful. Still, not quite delightful enough to save most of last night’s meandering show. There weren’t any offensive or cringe-worthy segments in the bunch, but there were few standouts either, and the episode was low on politics and provocativeness. The requisite Brett Favre dick joke wasn’t the most insightful take on the scandal. The skit on sensationalized evening news (“they call it Skyping: two teens jumping out of airplanes attached by their genitals”) had the right idea, but didn’t add anything to the genre of jokes on sensationalized evening news, and, like a lot of last night’s skits, went on for far too long without packing much punch. The joke about fat babies was funny! But last night’s theme? Er, “It’s late October, we’re running low on ideas, let’s laugh a little.” So we did just that. Here are the highly prestigious award winners. Add your own in the comments.

Monologue Most About How Many People Want to Make Out With the Host

Oh, Emma Stone. We don’t always know if we’re supposed to like her or not. But we think we do! See how cute she is, with those adorable little dance moves at the end, and those bedroom eyes throughout? And that joke about 14-year-olds moving to L.A., funny. Also funny: Taran Killam’s Michael Cera impersonation! But, for one thing, what’s so wrong with making out with nerds? Is that joke really that funny? Look, Emma Stone is clearly hot! But did the whole opening monologue need to be about how hot she is? Maybe. Just maybe it did.

Best New Take on Lindsay Lohan

Everyone in the View skit seems to have their character about right, but particularly Kristin Wiig, whose Elisabeth Hasselback take is still spot-on, all naive and annoying and enunciating. Kudos to Emma Stone for playing an accurately spastic Lindsay Lohan. Plus, we’ve never actually seen Lohan show up somewhere with one of those make-your-own-salad bowls, but that definitely seems like something she would be carrying. Nice detail! Stone captures Lohan’s particular breed of mess quite well. It was just cut too short.

Most Anticipated Character Return

People on Twitter seemed particularly excited to see Stefon return. And Bill Hader did, too, since he started laughing at his own jokes midway through.

Most Welcome Jimmy McMillan Take

During last week’s gubernatorial debate, Jimmy McMillan was already funny. But Kenan Thompson did him justice. By seeming exactly like him!

Best Andy Samberg Moment

Overall, “My Brother Knows Everything” was a little weird. But Emma Stone got to have some fun, and most moments with Andy Samberg in which he yells or acts like a 15-year-old — so, most moments with Andy Samberg — are good for the soul.

Saturday Night Live Recap: Emma Stone’s Lindsay Lohan, Kenan Thompson’s Jimmy McMillan