SNL’s Brett Favre Ad Parody Sure Looks Like This Web Video from Last Week

SNL, being the most famous sketch comedy show around, pretty much has a target painted on its back every week for people who think they rip off their ideas. Earlier this season it was Tim and Eric and their tiny hats, and now it’s an ad parody centered around Brett Favre. Above, you can see an ad for Dickhole Jeans by Adam Ray. Below, SNL’s Open Fly Jeans ad.

Yep, pretty much the exact same joke. Of course, with this Brett Favre controversy in the news for the past couple weeks, and the Wrangler ads being pretty much the only commercial Favre’s been in, it’s an obvious target for parody. So it’s probably a case of two sets of people coming up with the same joke at the same time.

But still, the original video has been on Funny or Die for over a week now, and it’s received over 17,500 views. If the writers at SNL want to avoid accusations of plagiarism, they should probably do at least a cursory search before parodying ads that the internet may have already tackled during their off week.

And then there’s this also similar parody of the same ad from The Midnight Show, also on Funny or Die, albeit from before the recent Favre controversy:

This comes just a few days after the South Park guys admitted that they pulled large chunks of dialogue from a CollegeHumor video for their Inception parody, justifying it by saying they thought it was a different joke. Which doesn’t really explain why they did it, but still. This being the case with SNL is extremely doubtful, as they’re probably still feeling a bit burned from the Tim and Eric thing from a few weeks ago, and this is literally the exact same joke and format.

Thanks, Scott!

SNL’s Brett Favre Ad Parody Sure Looks Like This Web […]