Who Said It: Stringer Bell or John Luther?

Last night, cop drama Luther premiered on BBC America. The show, about the excellent, hard-nosed, ethically confused British police officer John Luther, stars Idris Elba, best known as The Wire’s businessman drug dealer Stringer Bell. Though in his new role Elba is fighting crime as opposed to perpetrating it (and also sporting his natural British accent), Luther and Stringer have some similarities, including a core badassness, a willingness to kill people, and, most of all, a penchant for the brief, meaningful turn of phrase. To prove it, we’ve assembled some of Elba’s quotes from last night’s episode of Luther, and mixed in a few of Stringer’s. Can you tell them apart?

1. “Is that the speech? It’s a good speech.”

2. “Does that seem right to you? That’s because it’s not right.”

3. “What can I say? Good help is hard to find.”

4: Luther/Stringer: I don’t know.
Police Officer: Play that again, that was special.
Luther/Stringer: I don’t know where the gun is.

5. “You have any idea what I had to do to get where I am today? When I say I’m ready, you best believe it.”

6. “Why did I come here? ‘Cause I wanted to tell you I know you kept the gun, and sooner or later I’ll find it.”

7. “If you’re thinking of calling security, don’t bother. Call the police.”

8. “Be subtle with it. You know what subtle means?”

9. “Everything has a reason. There are physical laws.”

10. “I’m coming for you.”

11. “You want to find me, I’m right here.”

[Answer: All quotes from Luther except 3, 5, 8, 11.]

Who Said It: Stringer Bell or John Luther?