The 17 Differences Between the East Coast and West Coast 30 Rock Episodes

So, the live 30 Rock was last night, and it was pretty great. It was surreal seeing a strange SNL/30 Rock hybrid, with a live audience, awkward beats between transitions, and a different-looking set. It’s probably not the way we’d want to see the show every week, but it was incredibly cool to see it like this once. Or twice, if you’re a big enough superfan to watch both versions. Both are available on already: here’s the east coast version and here’s the west coast version.

Not interested in watching the version you missed? Vulture was nice enough to watch both and make a detailed list of the 17 differences between the two versions. The main stuff: Jane Krakowski sings the intro on the east coast, Cheyenne Jackson on the west; Dr. Spaceman’s jokes are punched up/changed between broadcasts; a couple of bloopers happen and aren’t repeated. Nothing too crazy!

The 17 Differences Between the East Coast and West […]