The Event Recap: The Runaround

The Event

Protect Them From the Truth
Season 1 Episode 3

As The Event continues to find its rhythm, last night’s episode seemed to be the producers’ attempt to give us an hour of slam-bang action, complete with tons of gunplay, harrowing escapes from overturned cars, and an undercover hack-the-computer-system scheme. But mostly, the show just seemed to be running around in circles.

What We Know: Sean rescued FBI Agent Collier (Heather McComb) when an RV struck their car in the Arizona desert. With the car about to explode, he pulled her from the wreckage and drove off in a cop car also involved in the accident. She managed to return the favor later in the episode when she kept Carter’s goons from shooting him in her office.

What We Don’t Know: Who will get to Sean and Collier first: Carter’s forces (who want them dead) or Blake Sterling’s CIA agents (who want to question Sean about his knowledge of the disappearing plane)?

What We Really Want to Know: In the annals of lucky coincidences that allowed handcuffed protagonists to escape from FBI agents’ cars, did The Event pull off the biggest humdinger of all time last night with that out-of-nowhere RV crash?

What We Know: Sean managed to convince Collier that he’s not making up this whole story about an abducted girlfriend and a missing plane landing in the Arizona desert by hacking into her office’s FBI database and revealing that Vicky has several aliases. Doing further research, Collier determined that Vicky seems to be some sort of undercover government operative.

What We Don’t Know: Are Carter and Vicky somehow working for the government?

What We Really Want to Know: Sean gets into Collier’s laptop by figuring out that her password is her cat’s name. Why does she have so many pictures of her cat on her computer? Is this the writers’ shorthand way of saying she’s single? Also, we understand that Sean is a whiz with computers, but shouldn’t it be a little harder to hack into the FBI mainframe than just attaching two wires to your laptop?

What We Know: Leila is being held in Miami by Vicky and Carter, though she remains steadfast in her belief that Sean will stop at nothing to save her.

What We Don’t Know: Will Leila attempt to escape from her captors? And what exactly are they planning on doing with her now that her father failed in his attempt to crash the plane into the president’s compound?

What We Really Want to Know: Will there be a full-scale hot-babe catfight between Leila and Vicky in a subsequent episode? It sure seemed like The Event was leaning that way, what with all that tough talk and scratching going on between them. Come to think of it, will that be “The Event” the show keeps hinting at?

What We Know: President Martinez decides that if Sophia won’t help him track down the missing non-human refugees to bring them to justice for the airline passengers’ death, he’ll ask the other Alaskan detainees, offering anyone unconditional freedom if they reveal their identity. One of the detainees, William (played by Omid Abtahi), agrees to squeal in return for being reunited with his old non-human girlfriend, Maya (Clea DuVall), who proceeds to kill him before he can divulge any information about the missing refugees.

What We Don’t Know: What specifically did William know that inspired the aliens to kill him before he blabbed?

What We Really Want to Know: If you’re an evil-genius CIA spook like Sterling, why would you be so dumb as to allow William to be reunited with his girlfriend (a) in a room without any sort of armed chaperone and (b) without assuming that she’s probably one of the disguised refugees you’re looking for?

What We Know: After President Martinez informs Sophia of his plan, she meets with agent Simon Lee, advising him to deal with William “harshly.”

What We Don’t Know: The episode’s title, “Protect Them From the Truth,” could have a double meaning — is it the aliens who are trying to protect us from a truth that William wanted to reveal?

What We Really Want to Know: If Sophia can manipulate events from behind bars, is there any chance that she’ll be broken out of prison by her alien cohorts?

What We Know: After transporting the bodies of all the dead airline passengers to a temporary morgue, they miraculously started coming back to life, awaking as if from a deep sleep.

What We Don’t Know: How did the aliens manage to do that? What was the point of making the passengers seem temporarily dead? Did Sophia know that the passengers were going to wake up eventually? And now that the government has lied about their deaths — claiming that the plane actually crashed in South America — how will they deal with the families who have been told that their loved ones are gone?

What We Really Want to Know: In an episode that leaned a little too heavy on preposterous plot points, it was nice to see last night’s hour end with a genuinely surprising finale. Can the producers keep delivering nice twists as the show moves forward? Or will ludicrous plot holes get in the way?

The Event Recap: The Runaround