The Week’s Best Recap Comments

The Jersey Shore cast antagonized audiences with its goodbye this season, and and a cut contestant freaked out on Project Runway, and you guys had a lot to say about them, as well as every other show on the dial. We picked our favorite comments for the week.

Jersey Shore

“The only thing that could have redeemed this episode would be if after Snooki’s line about crows being warning signs of death, someone had run in and stabbed a member of the cast.” —ny12345

“The only gem in the episode was the Situation reiterating that Jenny was trying to break up his relationship with Pauly. He didn’t care if you called him fake but don’t you dare accuse his lover!” —MissChristyPoo

America’s Next Top Model

“I love how the panel ‘loved the expression on Ann’s face’ because it totally captured Alexander Wang. Ann has the same expression in real life and in every picture.” —GipsyQueen


“I respect Community for trying to be “about” something — namely that modern life has alienated us from other people, made it easier to fulfill our short-term wants, made us more selfish, etc., and that our only true hope for salvation is to connect to something larger than ourselves….Dan Harmon is trying to engage with larger ideas, and I think the Abed plot works both as a joke about filmmakers making films for other filmmakers (satisfying the ego) and as a sharp, but not mean-spirited commentary on how the search for meaning deifies ordinary people (Life of Brian?). When the Community writers swing, they take BIG cuts, so you’ve got to give it to them for bringing some ambition to prime-time network sitcoms.” —bitingsarcasm


“The only thought I was left with at the end of this episode is: Robocop did not age well.” —ihearttomjones

Project Runway

Ugh, I totally agree that Michael C’s reaction was beyond weird. Not that I thought Gretchen really deserved to go either. And seriously? There’s that much love for Michael C’s ugly black maxi dress last seen on Jessica Simpson circa 2002? Yeesh. —VickTheSlick

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

“Doncha hate people who can’t even make their own phone calls? What a power trip that is.” —Siouxie921

Boardwalk Empire

“I thought the episode was great but I did count seven pairs of ladies upstairs and one Sharon Stone shot, plus one set of manbits! Funny how that sort of bothered me but seeing the gangster’s brains on the floor and the self-flagellation, i was okay with…” —leemonada76


The Week’s Best Recap Comments