The Top Political Ad Parodies of Election Season

According to news reports, it’s been a brutal year for political ads. But what about political ad parodies? With just over a week until Election Day, there have been plenty of great new web videos satirizing political commercials. Here’s a run down of some of the best parodies of the season, organized by type, to be read in the most ominous sounding voice possible.

5. Christine O’Donnell “I’m Not a Witch, I’m You” ads

If nothing else, you’ve got to give Christine O’Donnell credit for starting a genuine internet meme. There are hundreds of homemade “I’m not a witch” ad parodies on YouTube right now. Even if it’s not remembered as one of the great political catch phrases, it will go down as one of pop culture’s.

I’m not a witch, I’m Elvira

I’m not a witch, I’m a three-hundred-pound bearded diabetic man

5. Chris Coons ads (TIE)

We probably would have never heard of Chris Coons if he weren’t running against Christine O’Donnell. But now he’ll always be remembered as the candidate who doesn’t oppose masturbation.

Jimmy Kimmel: Chris Coons Masturbating for Delaware

4. Sharron Angle ads

This week, Nevada Senate Tea Party candidate Sharron Angle, who is white, said she was Asian during a talk with a group of Hispanic students, after telling them they looked Asian too. She might win.

Second City: Sharron Angle Shall Overcome Someday

3. Crazy candidate ads

Some of the best political ad parodies this year have taken the Tea Party platforms to their logical conclusions.

Sandra Larson, Anarchist for Mayor

Elect the Willfully Ignorant

We’re Better Than That Too! with Dale Peterson

2. Ground Zero mosque ads

This could almost be a subset of the crazy candidate ads. Saturday Night Live’s Ground Zero mosque commercial has been one of my favorite bits of the season so far. It highlights how controversies like the mosque are really orchestrated by the Republican party to manipulate voter fear.

Wedding Venue

1. Reality

Of course this year some of the best political parodies would be the real ads themselves. There are the parody ads to draw attention to real candidates (and this year, Old Spice parodies appear to be the dominant trend), and then there are the sincere ads that are just to weird to live.

Senate Candidate Freilich on a Cow

Chris Coons, the Taxman (after Antoine Dodson)

A Sad Note

Lamentably absent this year has been the back-and-forth attack ads parody. These have always been a reliable source for good comedy, like in this classic attack ad parody from Mr. Show.

Mr. Show: McHutchence v. Greeley III

The Colossal Donut Index

Despite almost all late night shows being in reruns this week, the Colossal Donut Index has held steady, with Jimmy Kimmel carrying almost all the weight. Thanks, Jimmy.

Stephen Hoban is a writer living in New York.

The Top Political Ad Parodies of Election Season