This Week’s Best Recap Comments

From Glee’s Britney tribute to Jason Ritter’s facial hair on The Event, you had a lot to comment on this week. (So much so that it took us an extra day to pore through them all.) We picked out our favorites and highlighted them below; see if you made it. If not, there’s always next week!


“I gotta say that following the ‘Slave 4 U’ and ‘Me Against the Music’ choreography with what they gave Lea Michele also made me feel bad for her. I literally stood still in my spot when the Brittany scenes were on. Whereas the ‘Baby One More Time’ sequence looked half hearted in comparison. Especially when the memory of the previous two numbers was so fresh … Yay for letting Heather Morris dance long enough for us to fully appreciate it!” —teaforfifty

“It was a stunt episode. Not one to really develop characters or plot. If it starts to become a bunch of music videos strung together with little plot or character development I’ll be tuning out. It’d be great if everything didn’t have to be SO produced.” —NYpapi

Mad Men

“I was surprised by how forward and insistent Megan was … what a hussy!” —LizFraz

“We don’t know enough about Megan to know how much of it is sincere. She is definitely not an airhead (in an early episode this season she talked about wanting to read books during the day but she was told it didn’t look good in front of clients). She knew enough about the Glo-Coat commercial to intelligently answer Don’s question about it (possibly a test). She definitely believes (like everyone else at SCDP) that Peggy slept with Don to get where she is, so it seems plausible that she views sleeping with Don as her way to a real job in the ad world. She could also genuinely want to be with Don, but we don’t know enough yet.” —JerseyRudy

Boardwalk Empire

“Yes, I too think Nucky might be Jimmy’s father. And somehow, you can almost imagine that Steve Buscemi and Gretchen Mol would produce a son like Michael Pitt.” —binkybinky

“‘The roast tastes good.’ Oscar nominee Michael Shannon, ladies and gentlemen! (Seriously though, that was the line of the night, I laughed for at least five minutes afterward.)” —stepliana

Jersey Shore

“Has anyone else noticed how freakishly small Angelina’s hands are? They are like the guy from the Burger Lind commercials. It is very distracting and I often can’t focus on her psycho outbursts. I am sure I should just chalk it up to, well she’s a single girl, what is she supposed to do.” —Fruitfly


“I’m surprised nobody has managed to note that Truxton Spangler was clearly a villain from the get-go, simply by virtue of being named Truxton Spanger. A name like Truxton doesn’t exactly scream ‘good guy.’ Or even ‘cable repairman’ for that matter.” —apathyonmyside

Eastbound & Down

“The hooker wasn’t Mexican, at least I’m pretty sure she didn’t say as much. The scene was in El Paso, TX and she had a Texas drawl so I’m going with woefully underpaid hooker as opposed to woefully underpaid Mexican hooker.” —apathyonmyside

The Event

“My prediction is that the “event” is when Jason Ritter shaves off that gross facial hair.” —ihearttomjones


This Week’s Best Recap Comments