Twilight Hand Model Wants in on the Phenomenon

Hickey re-creates her moment in the spotlight. Every single day.

The iconic cover of the Twilight books features a woman holding an apple, and that woman wants you to know who she is: Kimbra Hickey, a Greenwich Village–based 40-year-old model and massage therapist. She doesn’t understand why she isn’t more famous. It’s cute at first, and then you realize she’s not kidding about this.

“I see people reading it on the subway, and I say, ‘Those are my hands! I’m a hand model!’ she explained … Hickey sometimes hangs out near the cash register at the Barnes & Noble near her apartment to spread the word … She even carries around a Gala apple in her purse at times so she can recreate the pose for people … Lately, she’s been going to “Twilight” fan conventions where she sells apple-scented hand lotion … “It was too big of a deal just to let it be,” she said.

Now she’s angling for a part in the next Twilight movie, even if it’s only a shot of her hands, she says. But a mere taste of fame has driven this woman to accost strangers at Barnes & Noble. Imagine what real celebrity would do to her? Careful what you wish for, Hickey.

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Twilight Hand Model Wants in on the Phenomenon