You Should Probably Get Excited for This Pinkerton Reissue Now

Not that you previously should have been particularly unexcited for the rerelease of Weezer’s cult-classic second album (it’s out November 2 with 25 bonus tracks, 16 of them unreleased). But now that Rivers Cuomo himself has gone and dropped a gem of an outtake called “Getting Up and Leaving” onto the Weezer.com forums, full-fledged enthusiasm can commence. Hooray! Presumably from the Pinkerton sessions, “Getting Up” is a sharp, focused, bummer-rock jam about how Rivers is upset that he’s famous (“my life is changing / I’m feeling blue / the things I wished for have come true”). Not only does it wonderfully portend more hidden bangers from the Pinkerton bundle, it’s inspired us to pull together a short list of our five favorite Weezer B-sides from over the years. Check ‘em out!

Stream “Getting Up and Leaving” right here

And the B-sides are:

“Teenage Victory Song”
Should have made the cut on the Green Album.


“Mykel and Carli”

“You Gave Your Love to Me Softly”
This one’s actually on the Pinkerton reissue as well. So, uh, sneak peek exclusive right here!

The second-best thing related to Mallrats. The first is Jason Lee. The 793rd is that story about Jeremy London getting kidnapped.

You Should Probably Get Excited for This Pinkerton Reissue Now

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