The Odds: What Are We Most Likely to See From Anne Hathaway and James Franco As Oscar Hosts?

When a comedian hosts the Oscars, you usually know what you’re going to get — an extension of the shtick that performer has made famous — but what’s in store when you book two actors like James Franco and Anne Hathaway? Anything could happen, and that’s part of the fun of it; still, Vulture has gone ahead and tabulated the things that we’re most likely to see, based on what we already know about each of the two co-hosts. Anne Hathaway’s song-and-dance skills? Noted! James Franco’s stoner-adjacent savoir faire? Considered! Here, then, are the odds on what you ought to be expecting from the 2011 Oscars.

• A joke references Hathaway’s nudity in Love and Other Drugs. (2–1)

• A joke references the fact that Franco is nominated and Hathaway is not (sorry, Annie). (5–1)

• Franco compares the Oscar statuette to a bong. (15–1)

• Judd Apatow is credited with all of Franco’s best material.• (5–2)

The hosts’ less sterling credits (Bride Wars, Flyboys, Ella Enchanted, The Wicker Man) will be mentioned as a joke. (10–1)

• The hosts’ less sterling credits will be mentioned but you’re supposed to think they were actually good (Alice in Wonderland, Date Night, Valentine’s Day). (8–1)

• James Franco mispronounces an important person’s name, but it’s totally okay, because look at that adorable lopsided grin! (2–1)

• Hathaway sings. (Even)

• Franco also sings, and … well, he’s trying. (3–2)

• Hathaway changes outfits multiple times to Franco’s one, classic tuxedo. (3–2)

• The two do a bit together in silly costumes; Hathaway looks game and Franco looks uncomfortable. (5–1)

• Hathaway’s steely ambition, musical-comedy chops, and Oscar neediness recall Rachel Berry from Glee. (10–1)

• Soap veteran Franco introduces potential nominee Julianne Moore as “the Emmy-winning former star of As the World Turns.” (15–1)

• Hathaway goes to shake Franco’s hand in the opening number and it comes off. (Even)

• She then faints. (Even)

• Hathaway compliments Franco on his perfectly symmetrical face. (6–1)

• Hathaway has trouble with the TelePrompTer and laughs charmingly into Franco’s shoulder. (3–1)

• Franco has trouble with the TelePrompTer and gets upset with himself in a way that makes everyone in the audience uncomfortable. (2–1)

• A winner refers to having worked with one of the hosts. (5–2)

• A winner slyly uses one of the following words in his/her acceptance speech: “spider,” “man,” “princess,” “diaries.” (10–1)

• Franco uses off-book remarks to make it clear that, despite appearing in stoner comedies, he neither drinks nor smokes. (3–1)

• Hathaway looks stunning in everything she wears. (Even)

• Hathaway gets more laughs than Franco during the opening monologue. (2–1)

• The opening sketch includes dialogue about all the things they have in common, including both having been Hasty Pudding People of the Year. (20–1)

• The opening sketch tries to justify their hosting the ceremony. (Even)

What would you lay odds on?

The Odds: What Are We Most Likely to See From Anne Hathaway and James Franco As Oscar Hosts?