Cougar Town Explains the Dangers of the Neti Pot

Cougar Town may have an unfortunate name, but it has become a truly wonderful, hilarious television show that everyone who likes funny TV shows should be watching, and with this here post, we are going to try and prove it. Coming off a very strong Halloween installment, last night’s episode continued to roll along with an A-story line that explored Jules’s (Courtney Cox) relationship with her best friend’s husband via an elaborate The Usual Suspects riff, and a B-story line about a neti pot. (For those who don’t like pouring things in your nose, a neti pot is a tiny kettle looking device you use to flush out your nasal passages when they are all stuffed up.) We are going to go out on a very sturdy limb here and say it was the best neti-pot-related story line to ever appear on a television show, and certainly the best one to culminate in a triumphant montage scored to Enrique Iglesias’s “Hero.” (Even if Cougar Town creator Bill Lawrence has used “Hero” before.) Furthermore, it encapsulated, if not quite fully, Cougar Town’s sweet, zany, goofball, referential humor, and its enormous, almost on the verge of cornball heart. Also, it was totally gross. Also, now you know what to expect when you use a Neti pot (because, seriously, the water coming out of your nose later thing actually does happen).

So, it begins with Jule’s son Travis, at college, having a conversation with his slacker dad, Bobby, about Carl Jung and neti pots. It also includes the line, “You know what’s a riveting treatise on the human condition? My butt.”

Then Travis actually gets Bobby to try the neti pot. It does not go well.

Bobby faces the drippy consequences of misusing a neti pot.

The pair dig deep and triumph over neti pot. To “Hero.”

The rest of the episode, the non-neti-pot parts, are also highly recommended. It introduces this thing called the “truth gun” that you totally need to know about! Go watch it!

Cougar Town Explains the Dangers of the Neti Pot