Everything Worthwhile That Happened in Comedy This Week

Happy Friday, gang! It’s the end of another long, soul-crushing week, but cheer up! Next week is a short week. Although you’ll be forced to spend your precious vacation days with your family so, you know, double-edged sword.

In any case! Lots happened in the world of comedy this week. Let me catch you up on everything you might have missed while you were making hand turkeys/hoarding Four Loko.

Indiana Jones did a lot of drugs before sitting on Conan’s couch.

NBC announced that it’s extending its Thursday night comedy block to a full three hours starting in January. It’s a block that will continue to be the home of Community, which had yet another killer episode this week, naturally. We also saw a close-up look at Abed’s charts of lady-cycles from last week and got our first look at their claymation Christmas special.

The first trailer for The Onion News Network’s new TV show dropped, and it looked as good as you’d expect something from The Onion to look.

We asked if Outsourced was any more racist than Modern Family, because we aren’t afraid to push people’s buttons around here!!

Alec Baldwin did some weird local commercials for an upstate NY supermarket chain that I am still sort of perplexed by.

We saw what happens when you combine stoner comedies with medieval adventures with the first trailer for Your Highness.

And last but not least, here are your Top Five Web Comedy Videos of the Week:

This Is All the Ghostbusters 3 I Need

Obama Replaces Costly High-Speed Rail Plan with High-Speed Bus Plan

Joshua Malina, Michael Ian Black and Michael Panes Hit the Road in Backwash

If Other Directors Did The Social Network

Snow White Gives Some Realistic Advice

See you next week, y’all.

Everything Worthwhile That Happened in Comedy This Week