Everything Worthwhile That Happened in Comedy This Week

Were you not paying attention this week? Well, lemme catch you up on the news and features you missed by being so constantly distracted. And hey, look, it’s the top five web videos of the week! A lot happened, so pay attention.

Conan returned to TV, at long last. We sure missed stuff like this.

George Bush came back into the news, much to the delight of late night comedians.

We proved – using science! – that 30 Rock is a better show than $#*! My Dad Says.

Community had one of its best episodes yet, including a brilliant little Easter Egg for fans to discover.

The Simpsons was renewed for an absurd 23rd season, and we discovered a very credible conspiracy theory connecting the show to 9/11.

Chris Gethard began planning an insane 12-day comedy road trip across the country.

We talked about why most comedy movies just aren’t all that funny.

And here are your top five web videos of the week:

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At Least Your Job Interviews Go Better Than This

Broad City Takes on Spike Lee

The President Has Never Seen Rocky

Arcade Prizes: Worth Working For

Everything Worthwhile That Happened in Comedy This Week