The Week’s Best Recap Comments

From the results of the Project Runway finale to the premiere of The Walking Dead, you guys sure had plenty to say about this week’s TV. After the jump, our favorite comments from the past seven days.

The Walking Dead

“Dont comatose people crap & pee to? I didnt see a cathater or stains. How long was Rick in a coma? Im guessing in the range of 10 days. I found it interesting when the zombie tried to open the door. What kind of shelf life does the show have? One big issue is Ricks kid… Anyway, Im hoping for more Zombie kills of the week.” —P1Steven

How I Met Your Mother

“Between the stuffed horse head on HIMYM and the poor horse on Walking Dead, it has been a rough few days for horses…” —kates254


“I realize they decided not to perform for an audience - but why is no one mentioning the creepy implication of Mr. Schue taking over the role of Rocky? yeah he rehearsed Toucha-Toucha-Touch Me with Emma for that scene, but technically it would be done with Rachel as Janet. It’s like the writers just assumed viewers had never seen RHPS, and wouldn’t realize that teacher on student action was narrowly avoided.” —whereisshenow


“I completely disagree with the review of this episode. Strip away the HUGE concept, and this was an episode about Troy coming to terms with who he has become at college. This is completely routed in his character’s history from the beginning. In the first few episodes he realizes he did not want to be defined by his football playing. That plus his friendship with Abed has allowed him to embrace the nerd he always wanted to be.

In very Community fashion, a completely ridiculous zombie episode is the perfect place to bring out this tension. So despite Troy’s memory being erased, you would the character still learned this lesson.” —FoxconSox

The Office

“Did anyone else get the impression, even if just for a second, that Darryl might be the person who takes Michael’s job at the end of the season?” —PeteJaxon

Eastbound & Down

“I’m always amazed at the amount of absolute insanity Jody Hill and Danny McBride are able to pack into half an hour each week. Last night’s show had the feel of a colossal bender. And after seeing McConaughey as the scout, I know I’d much rather see a full-length movie featuring his agent character from Tropic Thunder than Cruise’s Les Grossman. Also, I loved it when Kenny called an iPad a Speak and Spell.” —NLM77

Project Runway

“If anyone doesn’t understand that the wrong person won, just go to the Seen On! site to see that Mondo’s designs are selling and Gretchen’s are not. Creativity was not rewarded this season. I’m not sure what WAS rewarded.” —margel

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

“Is it telling that I watched most of Camille’s segments on mute and I could still follow the plot?

Anyhoo..Joan Jackie Collins VanderPump has got to stay. Her reaction to Russell was the same as mine.” —Aglaia761

Boardwalk Empire

“Yeah can’t say I was surprised by the revelation about the true nature of Jimmy’s wife’s ‘bohemian lifestyle’

I’ve been surprised at the number of people who can’t really accept Buscemi as a leading man. I really hope this episode convinces them once and for all that they’re wrong. The man is able to play so much, from his powerbroker exchanges to his interactions with Margaret and her kids to his repressed issues with his father and brother, that I find him compelling in a way I never expected.” —pennywise


The Week’s Best Recap Comments