Harvey Weinstein Has a Thing for Prince Harry

Harvey Weinstein felt he had a hit on his hands as soon as he heard about Katie Nicholl’s book, William and Harry: Behind the Palace Walls, which hits stores Monday. And who could blame him? According to USA Today, the book includes tidbits like this:

Harry’s turbulent relationship with Chelsy Davy included her breaking up with him on Facebook by simply changing her relationship “status” to “not in one.” He quickly moved on to a number of other young women and has been linked to Norwegian rock star Camilla Romestrand.

According to the Post, Mr. Weinstein outbid Simon & Schuster for the publication rights to the book, which will also make it easy for him to produce a film adaptation. Harvey admitted:

Katie and I talked about her book out in Cannes this year. We were at a party, and Jennifer Lopez got involved and said how much she loved the British royal family. There was a pretty fierce bidding war with Simon & Schuster, and we were delighted Katie chose Weinstein Books. Who knows, maybe we’ll do a movie about the princes next.

Harvey Weinstein doesn’t haphazardly start rumors about his future film projects unless he plans to make good on ‘em, so let’s start the who’ll play Prince Harry guessing game today.

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Harvey Weinstein Has a Thing for Prince Harry