Jay Pharoah Brings His Unused Obama Impression to Letterman

New SNL standout Jay Pharoah was on Letterman last night, and he showed off some more of his impressions, including his Obama. It makes you wonder: how much longer are they going to wait before giving the Obama gig to him on the show? It’s only a matter of time, right? I mean, no disrespect to Fred Armisen, who is amazing, but Pharoah clearly is the man for the job.

It’s understandable to not want to hand over such a huge impression to a featured player who may not be around for more than a season, but it seems like Pharoah has made a pretty positive impact on the show so far, and it’s clear they’re still figuring out how to use him. He is insanely talented! So will he do Obama later this season, or will they hold off until next season? Either way, he’s one of the most exciting new hires on the show in a long time. [via]

Jay Pharoah Brings His Unused Obama Impression to […]