Lil Wayne Says Good-bye to Prison

Weezy gets out on Thursday! Can you believe it? Wayne barely can: In the latest post on his jailhouse blog, the embattled emcee is gushingly grateful to be so close to his last days in the bing and confident enough to write things like, “I was never scared, worried, nor bothered by the situation.” Let’s all enjoy this victory lap with him, shall we?

As Vulture previously noted, the team around Lil Wayne has done a remarkable job of executing their game plan for his prison stint, managing to maintain their franchise player’s visibility through all manners of inventive attention-grabbing: Beyond these cheery blog posts, there have been radio interviews, Rikers remixes, handwritten analysis of the U.S. Open, and — the crowning achievement of the campaign — a No. 1 album. (Also, the manifold disciplinary issues were presumably unplanned, but served to raise Wayne’s profile nonetheless.)

As remarkably upbeat as ever in his good-bye note, Wayne promises to be “the same Martian I was when I left, just better.” He also goes into great detail in describing an inspirational photo he had tacked up in his cell, which should make for a great scene in the inevitable biopic.

Here’s the transcript in full:

Hello world! My world! Our world!

As I greet you all in my last days on this island, I must reflect. I think back to when I first arrived and I had no clue of what I’d be experiencing. I was never scared, worried, nor bothered by the situation. For that, I thank God, my family, and you, my amazing fans. I prayed for you all every night, as I’m aware that I was in your prayers as well. The very first day that I received mail, it was about 300 pieces or more! I smiled like a child of Christmas. But when I began to read them, my heart smiled. I laughed with some of you, reasoned with some of you, and even cried with some of you. I responded to as many of you that time would allow. I plan to keep reading and responding after my release. I thank you all for being so very supportive, as I never imagined how much impact my words and life can have. With this knowledge, I vow to continue to be me! For you have assured time that I don’t have to change for no one but God. I will be the same Martian I was when I left, just better. You fans are more than amazing, and I will for to the end of the world for your love. This isn’t the last of weezythanxyou.com I will continue to thank you when I’m home.

I simple LOVE you all.

P.S. Thanx for supporting my YM team the way you do!!

Now I like to thank my wonderful family and friends for never letting me down. Your love and support is worth the world. I am grateful for you all and I couldn’t have done it without your love. Also, I thank everyone who came to visit me. That shit meant a lot, straight up! I would do the same, if not more for you.

Now I must dedicated something to the woman in the picture …

… sitting on this bed with my back against one of the four walls I’ve been confined to, all I can think of is you. Staring at you staring at me, from the picture of you that I see. I try so hard to make the picture smile. You look so serious. Seriously beautiful. You, me, we are one. Then I look further to the right and there’s a picture of “the bed by the water” … where I dream to be with the woman in the picture that still won’t smile. I sometimes talk to the picture, but it never responds. Although, I’ve been told that a picture speaks a thousands words, I only wish that this picture would speak of four … “I love you too.” That would be the perfect response to what I frequently say to it. You see, the picture of “the bed by the water” has sand in it, and the woman in the other picture has sand in her hair … put them together, and she’s there. And when I dream, I’m there with her. Shhh … quietly these four walls become that place in the picture. And the woman in the picture begins to whisper … “I love you too” … she responds!

And now she smiles. Imagination is perfect.

Dedicated to the woman in the picture.


Letter #10: The End of a Long Journey [WeezyThanxYou.com via RapRadar]

Lil Wayne Says Good-bye to Prison