Louis CK and the Divine Messages Sent From a Middle Finger

“During the opening credits of the show, some guy flips off the camera. There was a young, NYU-looking kid – spiky hair and just real contrary. He was walking with some real “yeah fuck everything” type guy. I was eating the pizza and I saw them, and I was already thought ‘Jeeesus.’ I think they saw a camera and they saw people making a sincere effort in something… So one of them went ‘YEAHHHH’ and he flipped off the camera. And I remember that moment very well because I was eating pizza and I watched him flip off the camera and I could tell by the angle that we caught it. And I thought – when that happened, I knew we were gonna be on TV. Because that was when we were shooting the pilot, and it was a test. For some reason I remember seeing that and thinking, ‘That’s just meant to be. That’s gonna be in the opening credits. It’ll be fuzzy because I fucking know how the camera works. It’s gonna be a little fuzzy because it’s out of the depth of field and people are going to see it.’ I just knew. That was just a sign to me. That we were going to get to be on TV.”

If you watched Louie, you probably notice that a kid flicks off the camera during the opening credits. Last night, Louis CK explained how it happened and why he left it in:

Louis CK and the Divine Messages Sent From a Middle […]