Republicans Prefer Jay Leno; Independents, Conan

As part of its inaugural issue as a weekly, glossy publication, The Hollywood Reporter commissioned a poll on the character of the late-night-TV-viewing audience. (Also part of the issue: a cover full of famous actresses in muted colors. Because nothing says “We’re serious about Hollywood” like beige!) What kind of people prefer Jay to Conan and Letterman? And, most important, what kind of alcohol do they drink?

Based on a sample size of 700 people, here are the pertinent conclusions: Of Leno, Letterman, Conan, and Jon Stewart, Leno’s audience is the “wealthiest, most likely
to be religious and drive a Chevy.” Also, it’s the most likely to be Republican and enjoy a glass of red wine. Letterman’s audience skews Democrat, enjoys “malt beverages” (huh?), and is “more likely to be divorced, watch CNN and drive a Toyota.” Conan is preferred by Vodka-drinking Independents who are “more likely to be single, tech-savvy, atheist and own a Volkswagen.” And, in something of a head-scratcher, Jon Stewart’s overwhelmingly Democratic audience prefers beer and is “most likely to be married, Catholic and drive a GMC truck.”

Other details the poll turned up: People like Jay Leno! Also, people don’t like NBC! Seventy-three percent of participants blamed the network for how Conan exited the Tonight Show. Also, TBS maybe needs to do some more publicity for Conan (although we don’t really know how that would be possible) — only 35 percent of the participants knew Conan has a new show on TBS.

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Republicans Prefer Jay Leno; Independents, Conan