Spider-Man Musical Officially Delayed Until 2011

It’s no longer speculation—the $60 million, unfinished musical’s premiere will no longer be on December 21. It will be sometime in mid-January. (Previews were originally scheduled to begin on November 14, but the re-writing and re-doing of major scenes haven’t helped.)

The economic logic of the world’s most expensive musical is brutal:

The show’s advance ticket sales so far total about $8 million in hard cash with an additional $2 million to $3 million in unpaid group orders - amounts that would be healthy for the standard $10 million Broadway musical, but low against the $60 million capitalization and the likelihood that the show will cost upwards of $1 million to run each week.

Its price tag is more than double that of the previous budget record setter, the $25 million Broadway rendition of Shrek.

Spider-Man Opening Delayed Yet Again [Artsbeat/NYT]

Spider-Man Musical Officially Delayed Until 2011