Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark Is Now Under Daily Safety Supervision

After various actors broke various bones doing flying tricks in rehearsal for Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, theater safety inspectors swarmed in to investigate the show’s awesome-sounding aerial tricks. But they weren’t quite satisfied with a one-time visit: Michael Riedel reports that the world’s most dangerous musical is now enjoying a whole new slew of security supervision.

The [Actors Equity] union is in daily phone contact with the cast to make sure nobody else is on the injured list. Equity will also have someone at the theater during rehearsals whenever the projectiles — sorry, I mean the actors — are being catapulted through the air. Union officials will also be at the first weekend of previews, starting Nov. 28.

The New York State Department of Labor is getting in on the act, too. According to a department spokesperson:

We’ve made it clear that we stand at the ready to go back in whenever they call us … When we were there two weeks ago, they only showed us seven aerial maneuvers — seven out of 35. They are not legally allowed to perform any maneuvers we have not signed off on.

This show is practically illegal now, which should definitely boost awareness, interest, and ticket sales. Also, continuing to look on the positive side of all this: The actor who broke his wrists, Kevin Aubin, reportedly has an aide, being paid for by the show, helping him out with the kind of daily chores made difficult when both of one’s wrists are broken. Note this, actors defying death for Spider-Man — if anything goes terribly wrong, you get a personal assistant!

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Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark Is Now Under Daily Safety Supervision