Stephen Dorff Is a Comedic Screenwriter

Great news: Stephen Dorff is not taking his Sofia Coppola–assisted comeback for granted. Fully capitalizing on the buzz accrued from his performance in Somewhere, Dorff has announced plans to write an original comedic script, to be produced by Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison, and to star Dorff’s pal Jack Nicholson. Now this is the kind of entertainment news that starts your week off right! Dorff tells The Independent:

“I think now I’ll get more into producing and make some more films … I have a comedy idea that I came up with that I’m doing with Adam Sandler’s company that I want to do with Jack Nicholson, who’s still a good friend of mine … It’s a very funny comedy idea for me and him set in the South of France. We’re not in script form yet but I wrote the treatment and they’ve already bought it so as soon as I get a break from working, I’ll turn that into a script and I’ll go and tell Jack,” he says, knocking on the wooden table between us, “‘Jack you have to make this with me … ’ and he’ll say, ‘Dorff, come on, let’s do it.’” He does a flawless Nicholson impression. “And I’ll get Sony to give him his $15m and then we’ll go and make the movie — because he likes money. Just the way I like money too.”

People, know this: Stephen Dorff 2.0 is just getting started.

Stephen Dorff - A wilted talent finds somewhere to bloom [Independent UK via NME]

Stephen Dorff Is a Comedic Screenwriter