The Simpsons Predicted 9/11, According to a Very Legit Conspiracy Theory

Guys, try to remain calm here, but take a look at this Simpsons screenshot. Notice anything? Like how it spells out New York 911 when you treat the WTC silhouette as numbers!! Guys, those Ivy Leaguers who write The Simpsons totally have connections to the Skull and Bones society and they caused 9/11, making it an inside job! It’s a conspiracy!

According to Nicholas West, of, “The Simpsons’” May 2 episode, entitled “To Surveil With Love,” appears to contain a warning of a “false flag” attack—a covert operation in which a nation attacks itself to manipulate public opinion (in this case, presumably as a prelude to martial law, one-world government and the End Times). The planned attack, a nuclear explosion, was apparently set to happen last weekend, on Saturday, November 6. Fortunately, it was discovered in time and publicized on the web, which caused the chastened plotters to call it off…for now. (Next time maybe they’ll wise up and stop planting clues?)

And that’s not the only example from the show. Apparently, this happened as well:My whole world is crumbling around me! Not convinced? Check out this video that spells it out for you and also includes some weird 9/11-predicting scenes from a spinoff of The X-Files that I didn’t know existed:

$9 was picked as a comically cheap fare. Frankly, it’s funnier than 10 bucks or 11 or 8 for some reason, perhaps the sound of the word nine and its single syllable? To make an ad for it, the artist logically chose to include a silhouette of NYC. I signed off on the design. It’s pretty self explanatory. And I will grant that it’s eerie given that it’s on the only episode of any series ever that had an entire act of World Trade Center jokes.

Here’s how Bill Oakley, who was an Executive Producer on the show at the time, denied the obvious sinister plot to me:


The Simpsons Predicted 9/11, According to a Very Legit […]