The Week’s Best Recap Comments

Ted Danson ruled yet another Bored to Death, the America’s Next Top Model runway posers melted in winterwear, and you all had a lot to say about it. Here are our favorite comments from the week in TV recaps.

Bored to Death

“Analyzing this show is beside the point. It’s nothing more than whimsical fluff, and that’s a huge part of its charm. Well, that and the fact that Danson just owns.” —apathyonmyside

The Walking Dead

“This really reminded me of early Lost, before any characters had really been developed. There’s the whole ‘dropped into a horrible reality-defying situation’ bit, and the ‘our social failings will always be the thing that really brings us down’ bit, and the ‘racially diverse yet at times caricaturist ensemble’ bit, and the ‘leader figure speechifies’ bit, and the (related) ‘IF I HEAR ABOUT HOW WE NEED TO STICK TOGETHER ONE MORE TIME…’ bit. And more: ‘radio not having sufficient power,’ ‘who gets the guns,’ ‘redneck handcuffed to immobile object,’ ‘quasi-funeral based on facts garnered from personal belongings before doing something for The Greater Good Of The Living.’ When our motley crew stood on top of the sewer hole, I couldn’t help but think, ‘How come you guys found the hatch already?’” —glasses

30 Rock

“That she happily played a character who wore a duane reade bag as underwear only makes me fall in love with Tina Fey a little more.” —apathyonmyside

America’s Next Top Model

“Finally, after all these seasons — or ‘cycles’ — they are introducing some reality into the show. There is more of a discussion about what the winner and standouts will really be doing (uhm…doing runway and basic editorial), what the essential qualities of a working model REALLY are (the constant underlining that Anne has the Lux Look and that may push all other concerns about her aside), and what a model’s life is really like. Still, I think making the girls stand around for judging in winter wear, in summer, in a room without AC was unusually cruel, and quite schtoopid.” —SebastianCanada

Modern Family

“Jeez, a forgetting an anniversary story line! That is literally Sitcom 101. I guess we should expect a clip show next week. Maybe I expect too much from the show.” —FoxconSox


“I also agree that the relationship between Dexter and Lumen won’t be sexual, at least not any time soon. Lumen seems to be far too traumatized to handle any physical contact beyond a handshake — and if the show does push a sexual relationship between the two, it would be a serous misstep. It does seem that Dexter thinks of Lumen as a kindred spirit, but I wonder what will happen to her after revenge has been had.” —bassinpocket

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

“I got physically ill two times last night:
1. When Camille said that even though all the other women in her employ were super busy handling all of her mundane affairs and being at her beck and call, she felt like she was 30% more busy than them from her responsibility of ordering them around.
2. When Taylor’s daughter had had enough and was over the whole ‘4 year old’s party,’ Taylor proceeded to commandeer the photographer and have her own photoshoot, complete with climbing on TOP OF THE TABLE. No wonder her husband hates her.” —Miss_Priss


The Week’s Best Recap Comments