The Week’s Best Recap Comments

From puppy parades on Community to alien babies on Friday Night Lights, you had a lot to comment on this week. We picked out our favorites and highlighted them below; see if you made the cut.


“A lot of this is Ryan Murphy’s fantasy version of his high school years. Also, IMO, Blaine is Kurt’s Yoda or Obi-Wan Kenobi, not his eventual BF. Quinn has returned to being superficial, but she stays in the choir, with the other misfits, because she knows she is one.” —remingtonpup

The Walking Dead

“If we’re talking about the realities of survival in post apocalypse, then I don’t think that the ‘women folk’ would be washing clothes at the lake, while a dude sits and watches them … Also, realistically speaking, they would wear gear to protect their faces from the splattering blood. Like they did in 28 Days Later.” —SkinnyDog

Saturday Night Live

“Lorne, you officially need more women if you need Kristin Wiig to do a Paula Deen impersonation.” —sporkgirl

Friday Night Lights

“I also expected a dastardly dig at Alien Baby, something along the lines of ‘I was surprised that her first words wasn’t some vague incoherent garble with ominous overtones about her true origins’.” —KD87

The Good Wife

“Is it weird to anyone else that the singer of seminal hit, ‘Joe Lies’ can be believed to be the age-appropriate date of Jason Street?” —fizzingwhizbee

30 Rock

“No mention of the tea party? Perhaps not by name. But at the 1:20 mark in the episode Jonathan enters Jack’s office carrying a tray. On the tray? A tea pot and several tea cups. If that ain’t a tea party….” —darkcomet


“I thought the Puppy Parade was the best contrivance of all. I mean, didn’t you just ache to see it, knowing that with the bottle episode format, we would never get to see the cuteness, along with the characters? And then, BANG! Puppies at the credits.” —ThisIsMyFace

The Office

“I was kind of wishing Michael would end up being the Scranton Strangler. It would have been ballsy for the writers to do that. When you think about it, the biggest psychos are the ones we least expect.” —ewallace

Bored to Death

“Way too much thought was put into these recaps. But I suppose the points are valid, it’s just I think we watch Bored To Death for the same reason we used to watch Entourage. Someone did say that this show is Entourage for people who hate Entourage. Simple plot resolutions kinda come with the whole package.” —binkybinky


The Week’s Best Recap Comments