The Week’s Best Recap Comments

Boardwalk Empire gets it on, albeit with the wrong hairstyle

From a divisive Gwyneth belting out the family-friendly “Forget You” on Glee to the inappropriate nether grooming of Paz de la Huerta on Boardwalk Empire to the many conspiracies of Community, you had a lot to comment on this week. We picked out our favorites and highlighted them below; see if you made the cut.

Boardwalk Empire

“I fell asleep, as I always do while watching BE, but woke up to that disturbing scene between Van Alden and Lucy. YIKES! All of that post-coital moaning and gasping was super creepy. And could they at least try to avoid anachronistic frontal grooming? Get that lady a merkin!” —exusado


“Remember when people complained about the Everyone Loves Jeff finale last year? Now it seems obvious how great of a set-up that was for the show. Instead of would-they-won’t-they it is when-will-they-where-will-they. At any point you could imagine any of these characters making out with any other character: Jeff & Annie, Britta & Troy (it has been hinted at), Abed and Troy (also hints), Chang & Shirley, Britta & Jeff, Annie & Troy (remember when this was supposed to be the B-romance, ‘and she’s Jewish’), Abed & Shirley, Annie & Britta, Pierce & the Dean (in an ep. where Pierce tries to be cool through sexual experimentation)… The fact is, there are always stakes when there is sexual tension. It is quite possibly the emotional core that allows them to do such high concept episodes.” —FoxconSox


“Why does everyone love this episode? I thought it was a total dud, maybe one of the weakest of the entire series. Not at all Paltrow’s fault, as I thought she was pretty good, but the character inconsistency and dropped/picked up plotlines are derailing the whole thing. I forget, is Schue a too-careful stick in the mud or a reckless womanizer this week? Is the glee club budget in trouble or isn’t it? Is Sue trying to destroy everyone or not? It switches from episode to episode and sometimes from scene to scene with no explanation. I get that the show is a fantasy, but it has to have SOME consistency. Writers, do better.” —hazel_is_ugly

The Walking Dead

“Homeschooling your kids within seeing/hearing/and speaking distance from the crazy guy tied up to the tree? Zombie logic!” —mllehaha

The Good Wife

“If some things were left hanging (like Kalinda’s sexuality, the Kalinda/Blake rivalry, the Alicia/Peter/Will love triangle), I’m willing to let it go because this show is so rich in detailing all of its characters’ inner lives that sometimes you need to take a break and focus on someone else. Likewise it’s good to take a bit of a breather from some recurring threads and clarify others that were lurking beneath the surface.” —apathyonmyside

Friday Night Lights

“I thought last season was the first time since the show’s debut that Coach had a strong arc. He had to rebuild an entire football team. It was the best work Chandler has done on the series. However, I agree that he hasn’t gotten much of anything this season. That needs to change asap. We need to see more of the Taylors being people. We already know they make great mentors, but let’s see them out of saint mode.” —Johnjj

America’s Next Top Model

“Ann made it to the final…Big surprise! Ann’s success on the show is THE Emperor Has No Clothes moment for ANTM. All these years Tyra and her panel have been going on about what is required of a top model, but the fact is that the winners of the show are going to be WORKING models, and working models only need to have good hair (preferably long), youth, a quirky face, and height. In the Go See episode, I think Ann was the only one Versace wanted. HA!!!!” —SebastianCanada

The Office

“I’m kind of upset they threw out the concept for a ‘blackout’ episode as a set-up for the server password gags. Seeing it happen made me realize their set probably can’t pull off a ‘natural lighting’ look to make filming such an episode feasible (the office got suspiciously dark for a windowed building during daylight, and I doubt NBC would broadcast an episode where most of the cast was in faint silhouette at best). But (not to brag) for years I thought the idea of everyone stuck in the dark office, having to engage in small talk or find ways to pass the time before the power returned and they could start working again, was a great idea for an episode.” —viewdrix


The Week’s Best Recap Comments