The Week’s Best Recap Comments

Many of your favorite shows were in reruns this holiday week, but you filled the void with incisive comments on the stalwart first-runs of The Walking Dead, The Good Wife, Boardwalk Empire and more. We picked out our favorites and highlighted them below; see if yours made the cut.


“I like to think that while singing the Michael Bublé wedding song, Matthew Morrison got a hint of what his life could’ve been like if not for those abs.” —sarrible

“A few peeves: Brittany should not wear spaghetti straps — she’s got football player shoulders; Mike Chang is this close to becoming a cartoon if they don’t pipe down his frenetic dancing style a tad; Quinn should not have picked Sam’s locker — that’s creepy.” —ellecat


“Dexter’s gift of Murder Gloves to Lumen was like a perverse jewelry commercial. I loved it.” —bassinpocket

Boardwalk Empire

“They better have a darn good reason for Angela to stick around because she is not cutting it. Even with the prohibition era lesbianism she is still a snoozefest. Please let her get caught in crossfire or something.” —olamina

“Angela’s storyline is part of the survey-course female angles, i.e., look at the variety of wonderful “opportunities” 1920s American women had, even before universal US suffrage: concubine, runaway, libertine-stripper or wealthy widow. Fun!” —AmyANSKY

The Good Wife

“I really loved Julianna Margulies in this episode, even more than usual. Alicia always has such a strong facade, but when she was listening to the taped conversation about the Voicemail of Love, she very much looked as though her world was crashing down around her. There are so many ways that scene could have been played, but I think she absolutely nailed it — as much as Alicia would love to pursue the what-could-have-been with Will, to actually do so would disrupt every aspect of the life that she has so carefully cultivated. Same with her attempt at questioning Will about the voice mail—there was such a beautiful awkwardness and uncertainty, so surprising in a woman who basically embodies the ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ poster. It’s a side of the character that we don’t often get to see, and I’m glad that side is shown sparingly because it has such power whenever we see Alicia’s vulnerability.” —bassinpocket

The Walking Dead

“My husband has repeatedly told me that I am going to be ‘banned’ from watching The Walking Dead because during the show I experience a fast heartbeat and anxious breathing, and afterwards I double-check that the doors are locked and then have trouble falling asleep. Apparently he finds this hysterical. I personally don’t understand why the Zombie Apocalypse doesn’t frighten him more. Who cares that Zombies don’t scientifically make any sense! Suspension of disbelief, people! I personally would feel a lot safer with a baseball bat under the bed, but alas, we do not own one.” —alliec7

Modern Family

“Totally agree RE Vergara. She is a brilliant comedian, but the trophy-wife detail is holding her back. The writers need to start ignoring the fantastic bod — which is never going to happen, seriously — or build some crazy comedy around it. Last weeks episode’s ‘Gloria with a Gun’ thing smacked of Russ Meyer. Let’s have more of that.” —SebastianCanada


The Week’s Best Recap Comments