T.I. Speaks

Looks like this time around in the big house, T.I. is going to be a bit more responsive. Perhaps taking a cue from Lil Wayne’s media strategy, the Rubber Band Man has posted a message from prison on his website. It’s blunt, unapologetic — and surprisingly convincing. Here it is in full:

Thank you to all that took the time to check out my new video GET BACK UP with my homie Chris Brown. And a bigger thanks to those of you who decided to comment (good & bad). To all of you who say “He should practice what he preaches” and “How could he do something so stupid … AGAIN?” You’re absolutely right and I couldn’t agree with you more. But you know what? As history has shown us before, I find my greatest inspiration during my darkest hours. So all fans of music, T.I. or not, should be able to agree that NO MERCY will surely be my best work yet. After all isn’t that what it’s all about? If I never went to prison, never did drugs, never f’ed up again, did everything right and never made great music … would you even care enough to comment on T.I.? Doubt it, so bear that in mind while you jump to your conclusions guys. Martin Luther King once said “Notice not the comments of your enemies but the silence of your friends.” So although I’m still in touch … watching, reading and listening, I’m not concerned with what negative people say more than I am with what positive people don’t. Guess that’s enough for now … Love you all still, whether you still love me or not. REAL TALK!!! And I would like to give a special I LOVE U to @star_omg and @tinymajormama.

Looks like T.I.’s all about focusing on post-prison music right now. Just like Vulture!

A Message From T.I. #2 [Official site via Billboard]

T.I. Speaks