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Vulture Gets Personal With Zachary Quinto

Last night, the Signature Theatre Company feted Tony Kushner at its 20th-anniversary gala at Espace. There to celebrate the playwright was Mr. Spock himself, Zachary Quinto — star of the STC’s current Off Broadway revival of Kushner’s Angels in America — whom we managed to snag for a brief but extremely personal interview. How personal? You might be surprised!

What’s your post-show ritual?
I like to take showers after the show. And then I read. I’m reading Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom, like the rest of the world. But all these questions are too personal, sorry.

Let’s get less personal then. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?
Still too personal. Sorry.

Is there anything you feel okay talking about?
I’d rather just talk about Tony. I’m just beginning to learn from him, how to string together so many cohesive, multidimensional, layered, and unique thoughts. [Quinto ends interview.]

Vulture Gets Personal With Zachary Quinto