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Jake Gyllenhaal Kick-starts Anne Hathaway’s Oscar Campaign

“The thing about Anne is that she develops her characters in absolute detail. To the point where she went down to the Lower East Side to buy fluorescent bras for her character. I knew Annie could fucking kill it.” —Jake Gyllenhaal on his Love and Other Drugs co-star Anne Hathaway [SMH]

“While I’m walking, I do it. On airplanes, I do it. In cars, I do it — so when somebody asks, ‘Hey, can I see your abs?’ it’s always there.” —The Situation [Page Six/NYP]

“Nobody in my band really has a computer, so we don’t really listen to much Internet music; it’s more things that are on the radio and readily available that we fuck with.” —Das Racist’s Himanshu Suri [Pitchfork]

“When I was 17, I thought I was the flyest thing on the planet. Of course, I still had my African roots so I would wear dashikis that kinda matched my jeans. I think I was a young hustler at that time. I told everybody, ‘I’m a prince!’ People just didn’t know any better so they believed that we were princes from Africa.” —Akon [MTV]

“My mother asked me once … She asked me ‘Baby, are you in love?’ And I was like ‘Yeah mom, I am in love … in fact I am heart-broken. I am in love.’ And she asked me ‘Is it a man?’ And I said, ‘Woah, this is gonna be easier than what I thought.’ —Ricky Martin on coming out [Access Hollywood]

“I played a lot of Monopoly as a child — and by myself. I don’t know how that works out, but I would play Monopoly, and I kept running out of $500 bills. They don’t give you a lot of $500 bills. And my local drug store, they sold individual packs of extra Monopoly money, and there was a pack of $500s, and I, as, like, a little kid, I shoplifted an extra pack of $500 bills for my Monopoly set.” —Will Ferrell [MTV]

“He told me in front of 45 extras that I needed acting classes. I like to call him ‘another Irish mistake.’” —Zach Galifianakis on his Due Date co-star Robert Downey Jr. [VF]

Jake Gyllenhaal Kick-starts Anne Hathaway’s Oscar Campaign