Christmas Is Coming to NBC Tonight on Community, 30 Rock, and The Office

Tonight should be a fun one at NBC: there are three Christmas specials airing in a row, including an hour-long Office directed by Rainn Wilson and written by Mindy Kaling. There will be no Outsourced Christmas special, presumably because they couldn’t find a way to do a Christmas special in India that wasn’t at least a little offensive to somebody.

Up first is the much-anticipated claymation episode of Community, which has the potential to be an instant classic in the genre of sitcom Christmas episodes. After that, Alan Alda and Colleen Stritch return as Jack’s parents in a 30 Rock tantalizingly titled “Christmas Attack Zone.” Lastly, the hour-long Office has the return of Amy Ryan’s Holly character, which one assumes will start the storyline that will lead up to Steve Carell’s exit from the show at the end of the season. An eventful night all around!

Christmas Is Coming to NBC Tonight on Community, 30 […]