Comedy Death-Ray’s LA Food Bank Charity Auction Offering Up Some Incredible Comedy Experiences

Want to do something good for the LA Food Bank while also selfishly getting a really awesome and unique comedy-based experience? Good news! Comedy Death-Ray’s Xmas Nativity Pageant Benefit 2010 has a whole slew of amazing things up for sale on eBay, and all of the proceeds are going to the LA Food Bank! It’s the best possible way to be selfishly selfless.

Some of the stuff available includes a private in-home standup performance by Maria Bamford, a private tour of Pixar, a guest spot on Doug Loves Movies, Nerdist, Never Not Funny, Sklarboro Country or Comedy Death Ray, and more! Seriously, right now the bidding for “Thomas Lennon Writes & Performs Your Video Eulogy” is at only $355. $355! That is a steal! So get your credit cards out and get to doing good via doing yourself good.

Comedy Death-Ray’s LA Food Bank Charity Auction […]