Holiday Week News Roundup and Christmas Comedy Video Extravaganza

Merry Christmas, everybody! It’s Christmas Eve, so I’m peeling off early today. Before I do, here’s a list of the stories you missed while you were running around buying presents/drinking these past few days, as well as your top five Christmas-themed web videos of the week.

-The first trailer for Ed Helms’ upcoming Cedar Rapids was released.

-Lonely Island released the video for their new single, “I Just Had Sex.”

-We put together a pretty hefty guide to the entire back catalogue of SNL episodes available on Netflix for instant streaming. A good distraction option this weekend!

-Ricky Gervais got into the Christmas spirit by arguing in favor of atheism.

-We talked to a whole slew of comedians about the connection between depression and comedy.

And now, your top five Christmas-themed comedy videos of the week:

The 1982 Tron Christmas Special Is So Awesome

This Christmas, Won’t Somebody Think of the Presents?

Little Kids Tell the Story of the First Christmas, Spiderman and Frankenstein Included

Is That Santa at the End of the Bar?

Brett Gelman Is the Twisted Jewish Santa

Holiday Week News Roundup and Christmas Comedy Video […]