Jason Segel Will Save the Romantic Comedy

Fret not, folks: The much-maligned romantic-comedy genre — which has been further damaged this year by the relative commercial and/or critical failures of How Do You Know, Morning Glory, and Life As We Know It — has a savior waiting in the wings. And his name is … well, you already know his name, because you read the headline for this post. So, yeah, it’s Jason Segel. EW reports:

The actor is … writing his film for next summer, Five-Year Engagement. “We will start shooting in April,” he explains. “It is a romantic comedy. Our goal is Annie Hall or When Harry Met Sally and if we get within their stratosphere of substance, we will be happy. It really dissects relationships and aims to show how complicated they are over a long period of time. This is a five-year period and in that time things change and morph and the power dynamic shifts and people wane and eyes wonder [sic] and you question everything and this movie is about that in a funny way, I hope.

WE BELIEVE IN YOU, JASON SEGEL. Also, think about it: Forgetting Sarah Marshall was nothing more than an awesome rom-com.

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Jason Segel Will Save the Romantic Comedy