Kings of Leon Continue to Cancel Shows in a Manner Not Befitting Their Rock-Star Swag

Of all the currently active bands who can sell out arenas and whose core members are under the age of 30, Kings of Leon alone possesses the kind of brashness and loud, guitar-based music fundamental to the traditional “rock star” aesthetic. So why do they keep letting us down by canceling shows for totally wimpy reasons?

First, there was pigeon-poop-gate. Initially it sounded reasonable that the band would pull the plug on a St. Louis show mid-set when some IBS-having birds started raining missiles of waste down on the stage from the rafters. But then it turned out that the opening acts were faced with just that same disgusting roadblock and completed the task at hand without being all dramatic about it. One could argue that petulantly canceling shows mid-set is exactly in line with rock-star behavioral expectations, and to that we say: only if the canceled show then leads to a riot. Also, video of the incident doesn’t show anything all that awful.

Now here comes another unfortunate incident. Earlier today, ahead of KOL’s sold-out show at London’s O2 arena, two of the band’s tour buses caught fire; 60 firefighters showed up, and six people were treated for smoke inhalation. Oh, and the show was canceled. Says a spokesperson for the arena: “Unfortunately, due to this morning’s fire on board one of the tour buses at The O2, tonight’s Kings of Leon concert will now be postponed. Whilst there is no damage to The O2 there is now insufficient time to rig the arena for tonight’s performance.” Look, Kings of Leon can shift blame onto the arena all they want, but if all it takes to stop the rock show is a tiny little non-lethal fire, Vulture will continue to shake its head from side to side in disappointment. Dudes: Jimi Hendrix used to play shows with his guitar on fire.

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Kings of Leon Continue to Cancel Shows in a Manner Not Befitting Their Rock-Star Swag