Left Handed Radio: ‘Now You Got a Wreath and You’re Welcome’

On this holiday episode: an energy drink introduces a new Christmas icon, holiday tips from a Pittsburg yinzer, mom buys a whole lot of egg nog, a forgotten holiday album is finally unearthed, a cool uncle nearly blinds a dog, a commericial for the hottest toy in the dollar store, a comatose man desperately wants a Christmas, Dan Warren performs a new holiday classic, some horrible toys banished to an island for a very good reason, local newscasters are not ready for Santa’s arrival, and Saint Nick meets a talking dog.

This month’s show was written and performed by Adam Bozarth, Dan Chamberlain, Matt Little, Taylor Moore, and Anna Rubanova with special guests Sebastian Deken and Brett White.

All original music by Dan Warren. Check out his podcast, The International House of Dancakes.

Photo from skye_sd on flickr.

Listen now: Left Handed Radio - Episode Three - Now You Got a Wreath and You’re Welcome

Left Handed Radio: ‘Now You Got a Wreath and You’re […]